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French Neo-classical Portrait
Neo-classical Portrait of a Gentleman
Netherlandish School
Studio of Cornelis Bega (1620-1664)
Donadoni watercolor
Stefano Donadoni 1844-1911
Max Ernst Litho
Max Ernst, Bruhl 1891-1976 Paris

Francois Gall, 1912-1987
Bernard Buffet, Tete de Femme
Bernard Buffet, 1928-1999

Persian Drawing, an illustrated album page
An Interior By Dirk Wyn Track, Sold
Dirk Wyn Track 1625-1678, Sold
Fred Brathwaite (Fab Five Freddy)
Fred Brathwaite
A Venetian Scenic View Painting
A Venetian Scenic View Painting
Capriccio with Grotto
Capriccio with Grotto, Sold
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