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Christianne Engs

sculpture, fine art, antique furniture, antiquitiesI knew at an early age that I would have a life in and around Art. After a childhood spent in a house filled with art and antiques, my formal studies began at the University of California, Berkeley where I received a degree in Art History which included studies in Art in France and  England at the University of London. Eager to learn more I set off for New York City where I accepted a position at Sotheby's in the Contemporary Painting and Sculpture Department. I had always had an interest in early sculpture and wanted to study the Greek and Roman period in order to round out my general knowledge. Reluctant to leave New York, I accepted a position at the Getty Museum in the Antiquities Archive. After years of study I opened Christianne Engs Antiques in Los Angeles.

Richard Dimitri

I began my involvement with antiques in the streets of New York City at the age of fifteen. Running (selling) antiques to many of New York's finest upper east side dealers. My backpack held small treasures like Saint Cloud porcelain, Luristan bronzes, painted Delft figures, micro mosaics, African and Tribal sculpture, marbles, bronzes, lacquered boxes and shortly, what once was a side line sculpture, fine art, antique furniture, antiquitiesturned into a passion. While on a Music Scholarship in Europe I purchased a Gothic Sculpture and this blossomed into more purchases of sculpture and paintings of all periods culminating in the discovery of the John Deare, Venus Riding a Sea Monster, which I sold to the Getty Museum.

Our Partnership

We began our association in 1992 but it was not until 2002 did we decide to form a partnership in Engs Dimitri Works of Art  & Antiques. We opened our gallery offering period and authenticated Antiques and Works of Art. Our philosophy being we would not sell anything that we would not have in our own collection. We believe everyone should have art in their homes, whether it be a child's drawing or a sculpture by John Deare.

Our job is to educate and protect our clients so that they have confidence in their collections whether for love or investment .

Art is a language one does not need to speak to understand.



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